I am available for interviews about health disparities and vaccination.

My article on COVID-19 disparities in The Conversation was reprinted in numerous outlets, including the U.S. World and News Report, Houston Chronicle, and Idaho Press-Tribune: 
I discussed the impact of COVID-19 on the LGBTQ+ community in a recent panel hosted by the UCR School of Public Policy. It is available to stream on YouTube:
I provided expert commentary for several news stories on COVID-19 infrastructure and disparities:
I discussed vaccination mandates on the "Sick Individuals/Sick Populations" podcast:
UCR News interviewed me about my study on HPV vaccine mandates. The story was covered by Pharmacy Times, Medical Xpress, and News Medical:
I discussed stigma and cosmetic procedures for a front-page article in the Vancouver Province. Similar articles appeared in the Ottawa CitizenNational Post, and Times Colonist:
Agence France Presse interviewed me about my study on cosmetic surgery and emotional health in women's magazines. Numerous outlets covered the story: