I have taught courses on social determinants of health, crime and society, and sociological research methods.

Social determinants of health
Students enrolled in social determinants of health shared the following feedback:  
“The prof was always very encouraging of participation, and was very approachable, which made our class a close knit group of individuals. Her respect for difficult and triggering subject matter was always present, and her style of teaching was engaging. Also, her lectures had a good variety of mediums; videos, advertisements, documentaries, and classic lecturing too. This made me more engaged in the subject matter. I also loved that she would bring in examples that were very relevant for discussion.”
“Very enthusiastic professor. Her material was flexible in addressing important issues and questions brought up in class and/or individual critical commentaries. The readings chosen were engaging and thought provoking. I don’t really have any criticisms of the course. The social determinants framework is new to me and many of the lectures introduced ideas that significant affected the way I thought about my future in a public health field. As an aside. I really really liked the documentary chosen to complement the course, as it was engaging, informative, and presented the material as it occurred in the life world, making it much easier to understand.”
“This is one of my favourite courses I’ve taken so far. I liked the combination of lecture/discussion, videos, and group facilitation because I felt like it put a lot of the learning in the hands of the students, which for me helps with retention of the information presented. Also, I really liked how quickly student names were used, I think it creates more of a personal and comfortable environment for participation in discussions. Another thing I really appreciated is asking for feedback halfway through the term, and then actually implementing the feedback received. This definitely allowed me to have more of a course balance and contributed to my success in this course, and likely other courses this term as well.”
Students enrolled in crime and society shared the following feedback:  
“This is one of the best courses I took this semester. Professor Polonijo was always getting students involved and trying to make them think in different ways about the course material. She would always ask questions about the material in regards to different case studies that we read about. I really liked that we were encouraged to demonstrate our understanding of the course by having to prepare a presentation at the end of the semester that also balanced out with the midterm. I thought that the presentation was a really good idea because I don’t do that well on tests and it was a creative way to get students thinking about all the theories we went over thought the semester. Professor Polonijo always demonstrated interest in each student and their involvement in the class, which I found really refreshing because in most classes the same size it is hard for professors to try and learn everyone’s names and worry about their enrollment in the class.”
“Andrea was a great professor who conveyed the information well and kept the class engaged throughout the course. I liked her light-hearted approach to teaching. She made the environment very welcoming and encouraged students to participate often. From my personal experience, I would say this class was one of the most engaging classes I’ve been in. She made it very clear what she wants students to study for exams and is always helpful outside of the classroom. My emails were always responded too in a prompt manner and she was always more than willing to offer assistance outside of the class room. Overall, great professor and lecturer! I would definitely recommend fellow students to take a course with her in the future.”
“Always encouraged engaging discussion among the students so that we could learn from one another. Used relevant, contemporary examples in order to thoroughly explain theories and concepts.”